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Neil Johns

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Neil Johns - Guitar

Neil sadly hung up his guitar with the band on the 19th of June 2004 his last gig with us at The Golden Fleece, Stamford. He had become very disillusioned with playing so many "pub gigs" to unappreciative and apathetic audiences, in short Nelson was no longer enjoying playing live. We have to say that the unforgivable behaviour of The Fleece's landlord on the 19th was really the last straw for him, in fact the landlord's behaviour was so appalling that Tommo cancelled all of The Hinge's gigs for the year.

Neil will never be replaced as his style of blues mixed with rock is unique to him and formed the bedrock of the band from its inception.

We wish him well in wherever his path leads and say thanks for 2 great years.

Richard Underwood is now well and truly in at the deep end and making his own mark, adding his own unique style and flavour to our blues. Onwards and upwards with less pub gigs and more clubs and festivals.

First Band - "The Madcap Laughs" c 1984 - 1987 playing covers by people like Dylan, Neil young and Free. Fledgling blues licks start here….

Followed by 3-piece Rock n' Soul band "Bad to the Bone" A mixture of covers and originals, sadly short-lived.

Late 80's joined "The 32/20 band", a powerhouse blues outfit playing 90% originals. Very popular in Brighton.

Early nineties after 2 year hiatus joined "Joe 90" and honed skills as sole lead instrument

Took another two-year break to have children and then hooked up with "Tamer" for more rock covers/originals and a first outing with Dave "Dr. A" Astell.

Late 2001, slipped into "Dr. A's Blues Consortium".

Musical Influences:

  • Peter Green
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Eric Clapton
  • Dave Gilmour

Favorite Position:

Tight End



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