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Ian Carey

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Ian Carey

Ian has gone on to pastures new. We know not where, when, how, why plus loads more imponderable questions. All we know is that he recently suffered a close death in his family.

He served us well (Obi-wan). We owe him much thanks and respect and wish him all the best in whatever he does. Dr.A

The unsung hero of the band. Sits at the back or cramped in a corner, one eye on the mixing board the other eye on the local talent.

He first got involved with the music scene at the age of 18, when he studied theatrical sound & lighting in London.

His first big break (any score over 20) came at the age of 21 when he got the job as Stage Manager of Butlins in Margate (we still can't believe it, but there you go).

Since then he has worked with many bands up and down the UK 


  • The Peterborough Big Band
  • Motivators
  • The Taste
  • Keith Richards (No not the Stoned, but a keyboard wizard)
  • Faith (later known as Escape UK & LEON). Ian was part of their '98 Zimbabwe tour.
  • The Hinge

Ian has twiddled his knobs at

  • Wembley
  • NEC Birmingham
  • Cambridge Corn Exchange
  • Cherry Tree, Peterborough - to name but a few.

Musical Influences:

  • Mark King
  • UB40
  • Baby Spice (!!!!!!!!! Yes, Baby Spice. You don't need new specs)
  • Plus many others we don't want to know about and are afraid to ask.

Favourite Position:

Pint of lager in one hand, pizza in another (mobile phone and double cheese flavour), sliders in another, address book in another.
Don't ask about his other hands!!



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