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Derrick Barnes

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Derrick Barnes

Several long time members of the band have now left, Derrick being one of them. Dr A is heading for more blues club gigs, which unfortunately seem to take place mid week, which proved impossible for those members with a full time job. He will be missed greatly and we wish him luck with his future endeavours.

  • Major-domo
  • Roadie
  • Chauffeur
  • Soundman and a very Sound Man!

In his own quiet way Derrick has been looking after the band since its inception. I suspect we have taken him far too much for granted and is a mega hero of the totally unsung flavour.
So we's aputtin' this right, right now!

Derrick's family is one of the most concentrated areas of musical talent I have ever come across.
Derrick being the non-musical odd one out, bought a drum kit and so perpetuating the long standing joke about musicians and drummers!!
Seriously though his wife Sue is a fine and accomplished pianist as well as Clarinet and Classical Guitar, his daughter Jenny plays Keyboards, Piano, Flute, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar and Saxophone.
His son David plays just about everything and was the driving force behind Random House.
See what I mean?

Derrick has thrown gear about for:

  • Montage 
  • The Lion Tamers 
  • Tamer
  • Random House.

Still chucks stuff about and twiddles his knobs for:

  • The Mary Hinge Experience on a part time basis ;o)

Musical Influences:

  • Cliff Richard
  • Elvis Presley
  • Beach Boys
  • Plus anything from that era.


  • To survive a night without someone moaning about the sound!

Favourite Position:

  • In mid flight between Bar and Sound Desk



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