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Richard Underwood

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Richard Underwood - Guitar

Several members of the band have now left, Richard being one of them. Dr A is heading for more blues club gigs, which unfortunately seem to take place mid week, which proved impossible for those members with a full time job. He will be missed greatly and we wish him luck with his future endeavours.

First Band - a thankfully forgotten 5-piece back in 1977. Occasional one-off bands for specific, usually charity gigs. A move to Bletchley in the late 1980s led to joining a blues band that never quite got 'round to gigging. After moving to Bourne in 1991, guitar playing was for his own enjoyment only. A one-off gig with a friend's blues band in Horncastle in 2001 re-ignited the desire to play with other musicians.

In August 2002 Dear Wife (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed) encouraged him to attend the jams advertised at the Five Bells at Edenham near Bourne. When Edenham fell by the wayside, Richard joined the trek of his fellow jammers to The Castle Inn at Castle Bytham. It was here he first played with Dr A and Jon. "I felt from the start we had something in common - like rabies…". More jamming with Consortium components took place at the Blue Bell at Easton On The Hill throughout 2003. Change was in the air - but not quite what was expected….

2004 proved a major turning point with a performance in February at the Mayor of Bourne's Charity Variety Show. Working with cohort Blind Lemon Ade Atkins, the Adrian & Richard String Ensemble was one of the hits of the night, not least because they played entirely live. Later, in June of that year in front of an estimated one thousand spectators at Bourne Festival Richard played guitar with new band, K2. Within two weeks of the festival he received the call from Dr. A. The two events were not connected in the least.

Late June 2004 witnessed his debut with Dr. A's Blues Consortium after a mere two hours 'rehearsal' in Dave's front room. Apparently his first solo of the night settled a few jittery nerves of new band mates who were decidedly uncertain about this unknown and untried guitar player who was shoehorned into their ranks at very short notice.
Highspot of the gig? That single note sustained for a whole 12 bar chorus - much to Dave's surprise and amazement.
Low spot of the gig? "Dad's Gay Pedalboard"!

Richard has now followed suit of some of the other Dr A's members and joined the Mary Hinge Experience!

Musical Influences:

  • Pete Townshend - hence the Hiwatt
  • Jeff Beck - who inspired the Strat lookalike
  • Peter Green - prompted the mods to the Les Paul
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan 
  • Joe Walsh 
  • John Martyn 
  • James Marshall 
  • Hendrix 
  • Derek Clacton

Favorite Position:

  • Hunched - over a disembowelled guitar, soldering iron in hand, quietly muttering his extensive Anglo-Saxon vocabulary….



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