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Jon Coupland

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Jon Coupland

Several members of the band have now left, Jon being one of them. Dr A is heading for more blues club gigs, which unfortunately seem to take place mid week, which proved impossible for those members with a full time job. He will be missed greatly and we wish him luck with his future endeavours.

Baptism of fire or what!!?
We picked up this Corporate IKEA gig in early Sept 03, while Mick was in Rome. Mick was already having trouble making our existing gigs and would have to bow out of most of 04's gigs owing to recording obligations. So what to do? We needed a dep. for Mick damn quick. Jon learnt all the numbers in two weeks flat, we had two rehearsals, did IKEA proud and he has done all gigs since that date. Mick waited until we were happy with Jon then backed out of the band to pursue other ventures. See "past members" page.

Jon started playing guitar seriously at age 13, having done the 'one note shuffle' for the previous 5 to 6 years (says his first choice was drums, Ho Hum). He played in various local bands throughout the 70's, most of which he can't remember the names of (got another Valli 'ere, definitely the 'rock 'n' roll lifestyle', innit?), apart from the infamous 'DP Gumby and the Ferret Thashers' the original 'Iron Maiden' no less and 'Bang'.

After a good few years trying out other things, such as excessive drinking and marriage (so which came first then? Ed.) the latter being the casualty, Jon started playing again (does this sound familiar? Ed.). This lead to a gig and live CD recording with Nil Turner (Hawkwind) and Twink (Pink Faires/Hawkwind).
Later, gigged and recorded with Flatfield.
Switched over to Bass Guitar, playing roots reggae with the ill-fated Jah Leaders.

Jon has been for some time lead guitarist for The Mary Hinge Experience (The Hinge) and has now moved to bass in that band to make room for Richard Underwood on guitar! He also plays with The Juzzt.

Jon first saw Blues Consortium in July 2002 and kept secret his ambition to play bass for us one day. It was only after the IKEA gig, with a big grin, did he let on.
So one happy bunny then! That'll be the well end that's all well, then? Ed.

If you'd like to find out more about Jon, please visit his MySpace page:

Musical Influences:

  • Beatles
  • Stones
  • Dylan
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Peter Green
  • Can
  • Frank Zappa
  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry


  • Pinkwind Return as The Hawk Fairies - Live at the Purple Haze (Twink Records, 1996)

Musical Ambitions:

"Make rock 'n' roll records, sell 'em for a dime….."

Favourite Position:

Right by the exit door




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