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Daniel Puzey

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Daniel Puzey

Tons of Sax !!

Blew a blinder when he joined us at 'Blues On The Boat' (Charters) on 21st June 2003.

I first met Daniel when he played with The Dog House Jazz Band at "Blues and Jazz by The Green" in June 03. I was lucky enough to record the band's efforts and Daniel soared above everything.
I almost begged him to guest with us, not that he needed much encouragement. This guy can guest anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
This man is a NAME in the making and will rate up there with John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Andy Shepard and all.
Remember where you saw and heard him first.

So who the hell is he?

Daniel started on the cello at, it seems, a very early age, "made the logical progression to saxophone" !!? (his words) at age 11 and never looked back.

At age 16 was part of a professional Blues Band 'Power of Blue' gigging around the Bedford area. Already into Jazz, he started improvising at a very early age and managed to sit in with many 'Jazzers'. Damned good job too, obviously honed his exceptional skills around this time.

University called, where he got involved in musicals, a drum & bass band, funk bands (Mayfield, 93 Feet), classical music and helped run the jazz society. Let's hope he went to study music, coz else he couldn't have done much work!!

So what's he doing now? 

Bit sketchy here so in his own words: "Today, I play whatever I can, and teach a few poor unfortunate pupils how to follow in my footsteps - a horrific thought if ever there was one ;)

Musical Ambitions:

To own four Saxes, (go on, do one better than Roland Kirk & Graham Bond: play 'em all at once) a piano, keyboards, guitars, basses, and a drum kit and to be able to play them all. Smart ...e!

Favourite Position:

Anywhere with a reed in his mouth!



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