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Blues Horn

Blew a blinder when she joined us as THE special guest at The Farm, Skegness, Saturday 2nd August 2003

What's this all about then?

We played in a converted cattle trailer with the car parked just behind.
The sound and groove obviously got to her and she joined in.
Alarm goin' off every 5 seconds.
Anyway after many leapings off stage and Derrick's mad dashes we gave up.
Just as well coz in "Mama Don't" the car was introduced as Dave's singing Volvo, the band stopped, the car carried on, in time and in the right key!! So we carried on.
Brought the house down it did. It would have taken 5 million years practice to do it intentionally, bless her.

So it's only fitting that the only one to keep good time, play in the right key and have immaculate stage presence should get a mention.

So what's she doing now? 

Being interviewed for Hello magazine; having been the only member of the band to sign for Sony (Well they did have her sister working for them) 8-).

Musical Infulences:

  • Louis Armstrong
  • Sinclair C5
  • Magic Roundabout (Not Jasper Carrots Version)
  • The Klangers
  • The Dodge Charger from 'The Dukes of Hazard'

Musical Ambitions:

Jools Holland

Favourite Position:

Up on the ramp reclining, having a nice warm wax massage.



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