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Gordon Watson

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Gordon Watson

Blues Harp

At the Horseshoe, Thurbly, Nr. Bourne, Lincs, on 10th May 2003

Gordon's musical awareness began in the mid to late 50's, but instead of the usual progression from Pop, through R&B to Jazz, he went straight in at the deep end. Benny Goodman, Dave Bruebeck, Slim Whitman etc were his first influences.
He got hooked on Blues in the 60's when Humphrey Littleton brought over the likes of Muddy waters, Sonny Boy II and Big Bill Broonzy. Then it seems (as with a lot of us) that life took over, you know: marriage, kids etc. Blues went on a slow burn and a buried constant niggling urge for 20 years (the magic number). After the marriage ended, music returned to its rightful place and trips to the European Blues Foundation events at Exeter University and such brought him into direct influence of Mike Roach, Ian Briggs, Johnny Mars, Sam Mitchell, Mike Messer and many others. The end result is that Gordon swapped his long standing "air guitar" for harmonica (better late than never).

He has obviously put in many years of practice although he admits that his opportunities of playing "live" are limited. I have to say this lack of gigging was not apparent at The Horseshoe where he played some excellent solos and great backings.

Gordon's style of playing is very much his own as he has avoided the trap of exactly copying his heroes such as:

Musical influences:

  • Sonny Terry
  • Little Hatch
  • Sonny Boy Williamson II
  • Little Walter
  • Carey Bell
  • Big Shakey Horton

Has played with:

  • Johnny Mars
  • Phil Wiggins
  • Ian Briggs
  • The Dana Dickson Band
  • Dr. A's Blues Consortium
  • Plus local and travelling jam sessions.

Gordon can guest with us anytime and is a welcome addition to the growing list of fine musicians who are brave enough to subject themselves to the mad antics of the band.

If there are any blues bands out there who are looking for a fine Blues Harp Man, E-Mail us and we'll help out.




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